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Mrs. Church

Library Media Specialist


Visiting the Library

            We have “Open Library” each morning from 7:30 until 7:50, and during student lunches.  During class time, students may come to the library with their planner signed by their teacher.  After school research and homework help is also available by arrangement with Mrs. Church. 


School I.D. Cards

            Students must have their Price Middle School I.D. to check out books from Price Media Center.  I.D. cards will be available in early October.  I.D. cards can be purchased in the media center.  The cost is $1.00.  If any student has a hardship, special arrangements can be made.  See Mrs. Church for details.


Book Checkouts

            Books are checked out for a period of two weeks and can be renewed as many times as necessary.


Lost/Overdue Books

            There are no fines for overdue books, however students may not participate in school extracurricular activities such as parties, dances and sporting events if they have a lost or overdue book.  Students with library debts from their elementary school must clear that debt before checking out materials from Price Media Center.


Reference and Research

            Price Media Center has a wide selection of reference and research materials including dictionaries, almanacs, encyclopedias and computer workstations.  We also have a Virtual Reference Collection you can use online from any computer anywhere.  Ask Mrs. Church or any library assistant for help with your research needs.


Online Search and Accelerated Reader Book Searches:


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