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Time Capsule Opened after 27 Years.

In 1988 C.H. Price Middle School students buried a time capsule containing pictures, thumb prints, signatures and newspapers On Saturday February 7th 2015 a ceremony was held and the capsule was unearthed. According to Ms. Nancy Turner a social studies and history teacher, the ceremony was about more than just what was inside the capsule. "It's about about all of us getting together, and having a reunion. It's been fantastic.


The capsule also brought back moments that were lost. "In memory of students that we've lost through the years that I wish that some of them would be able to be here today. And it was kind of cool to see their signatures and pictures. That's the one thing I miss," Tiffany Stouffer, an alumna, said. 


The former principal Howard Alred said he wants to do it again and open it back up in 25 years.  In fact plans are underway to do just that.,  The contents of the capusle will be in an exhibit for neighbors and students to see for the next few weeks then there are plans to rebury the items along with new items to opened in the future.  To watch the video of this story please click here..



Top 25 Frequently Called Putnam County School Phone Numbers
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C.H. Price Middle School   386-684-2113

Interlachen High School    386-684-2116

Interlachen Elementary    386-684-2130

Adult Education      386-329-0635

Career Education    386-329-0536

Instructional Curriculum Coaches   386-329-0663

Transportation         386-329-0554

Curriculum and Instruction    386-329-0527

Human Resource      386-329-0547

Exceptional Student Education   386-329-0528

Student Services       386-329-0538

Data Processing        386-329-0606

Federal Programs      386-329-0543

NEFEC                            386-329-3800

Parent Involvement     386-312-4936

Pre-K                                386-312-4906

Information Services   386-329-0541

Food Service                   386-329-0524

Training Center             386-329-0567

Palatka High School     386-329-0577

Crescent City HS           386-698-1629

E,H. Miller                       386-329-0595

Elementary Education    386-329-0532

Secondary Education      386-312-4937

School Safety & Security   386-312-4941

Student Records-Archive    386-326-4588

St. Johns River State College   386-312-4200