Student Links

List of Help Links for Students 





Teen Health

    Look here for topics such as drugs and alcohol, nutrition, mental health, fitness and diseases...all designed with teens in mind.

Internet Public Library for Teens

    Here’s an online public library with everything from homework help to writing tips to technology advice.  Got questions?  There’s even a feature called “ask a librarian.”


Discovery Kids

    Love animals, adventure, exotic places, cartoons and games?  Then you’ll love this site from the Dicsovery Channel.  Check it out!


Movie Database

    Like movies?  Then you’ll love this site.  Everything about all of your favorite movies old and new.  You probably will only be able to access this site at home.


Useful AND Helpful...the sites listed below can help you with homework, challenge you with puzzles and brain teasers, enlighten you with information, and tantalize you with trivia.


Ask Dr. Math

Beat the Calculator

Writing Tips for Students

Fact Monster Homework Help

NASA for Middle School Students

Internet Public Library

Fact Monster

CIA World Fact Book

Information Please

Encyclopedia Britannica

Discovery Education


Maps of The World